Welcome to the Gallagher Academy for exceptional young women, The Roleplay. Roleplay as a Gallagher Girl, Blackthorne Boy, normal person or enemy spy... Anything!
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 *Lexi Davis :)

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PostSubject: *Lexi Davis :)   Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:36 pm

Lexi Davis
Name| "Fox"
Associating or School| [i">Currently enrolled at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women.
Age| Currently fifteen.
Gender| Female
Year of Grade| Going into her Sophomore year of education
Personality| Lexi is a mostly polite and sweet girl. Well, polite to new people, with her friends she defiantly lets go of any cover. And though to her close friends she's nice, to people she doesn't like or anybody rude to her friends, family, or herself will be blown over by a raging hurricane of fire and witty words. Lexi isn't afraid to kick butt, in her own words, or use her spy training in various life situations.
Strengths and Skills| Lexi is very smart, a freakishly good fighter, and has great reflexes and instincts, resourceful enough to get out of almost any sticky situation.
Weaknesses| Would do anything, ANYTHING for friends and family no matter how much it hurt her, and once she has her mind made up, she's unstoppable. Also her quick and feisty tongue occasionally gets her into some... interesting... situations.

Appearance| Lexi has creamy cappuccino skin, which is tanned to bronze beauty. Her frame is tall (as she stands at 5'7.5), slender, and somewhat curvy, her muscles pretty defined, but not large, keeping her body light. Her ebony hair falls to her chest, which she enjoys braiding and manipulating in other ways, framing a pretty face consisting of a pretty smile of full lips and straight white teeth, a normal-sized nose, and completed with pretty hazel-ish eyes.
Other| She rooms with Andrea, who's she known for a while, Jadyn and Scarlett.
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PostSubject: Re: *Lexi Davis :)   Mon May 05, 2014 4:46 pm

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*Lexi Davis :)
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